Webreport Login Page May 21, 2018
You need to login to this application in order to view limited access reports and data. You may login with either your University of Alaska Google ID and password, or an assigned user ID and password. Persons not affiliated with UA may request a login ID and password. All logins are tracked for originating IP address and date of access.
UA Google Suite Login
To enable the Google Suite login, please click the Sign-in button and enter in your UA Google email address (uaemployee@alaska.edu) and then you will be prompted for your UA account password.

Note: If the button is already set to Signed In, that is because you are already signed in to your UA Google account in a different tab of this browser. You may be prompted to allow this web application to view your account and email address. Please allow it to do so. This application does not need to or try to access anything in your account. It only needs to get your email addres and name from a valid login. Once you have signed in, click the Google Login button to continue and login with your UA account. The Google Login button will not be enabled until you have signed in.

Affiliate Login

If you are not a UA employee and have an affiliate account, please enter your login information here. Otherwise, please select the Guest User Login tab and login there to view the unrestricted reports.

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To login as a Guest and access the public reports and data, please click the Continue button below.
Public Access