Staff Recognition and Development Day (SRDD) 2018 SRDD is May 9, 2018

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SRDD Registration Application

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The Staff Recognition & Development Day is a time for us to recognize and thank the hard work done by UAF staff throughout the year. It is also an opportunity to celebrate some longevity milestones for our staff. Lastly, it is a day for staff to be able to participate in fun training and informational sessions that can help in their personal and professional development.
This web application was created to enable UAF employees to easily view and register for those training and event sessions. It consists of 3 modules
  1. Registration
  2. Reports
  3. Administration


This tool was built using the CodeIgniter Framework along with the help of several open source libraries & tools.

License links

  1. MIT license
  2. LGPL License
  3. GPLv2 License
  4. GPLv3 License